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Our time saving Services

Eating is about fun, comfort and making life easier

Food ordering & booking

Whenever your tummy tells you it's time to eat. Order or book at any meal providing company. Caterers, home-chef's , hire- a- chef, restaurants, meal boxes.

cooking with MyMeal

Cooking with MyMeal

Our Chef's program where we partner with culinary heroes, simplifing your choises in what to cook and what to eat.

MyMeal sales partner services

Sales parter services

Sales partners web portals, Business Buddy , delivery dashboard, social media automation.

MyMeal City Chef

City Chef's

Your and our partners in creating constistent content which helps our customers to decide what to eat.

your data helps you to eat better

MyMeal is all about combining the data, making sure that the WHEN, WHERE AND WHAT to eat is made easy

Why should I choose MyMeal

Local is Local

Lokal services for local business owners

We serve you

our priority is not to push what you don't want, we only show you what you desire.

the cloud is yours

We believe in the power of a functional internet. Matching your desires to local businesses.

We all eat

Food is the first product which has no boundries. We just make it transparent.

mymeal GET served

Get served

We give you control, add data and serve you what’s needed.

Client Testimonials

“One app multiple sales channels, I've never had so much control.”
Restaurant owner
“15 minutes for the setup, 1 day in getting our business online.”
Chef for hire
“First I was hesitant, another 'Food delivery"platform. But I quickly found out that these guys take a different approach. ”
Home Chef

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Find out what’s cooking in our Kitchen. 

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