Meal information, restaurants, recipes, ordering and booking is scatterd over the internet.

we combine all information in one network. 

Welcome to MyMeal, where your meal is our business


share your creations as they do


Get a bigger a following and Become one of our master chefs


recipes, restaurants, stores


anyone can share recipes to inspire other users


where big data does its trick for you. Get meal suggestions based on your flavor.

Meal suggestions

Your choice, daily or weekly updates what is locally available

You’ve got the goods , we provide the customers and the network to increase your business

In addition to our networking we launched our ordering platform, supporting business owners in growing their business.

We’ve started in the Netherlands, were we provide a combination service focussed on your meal,

Restaurants and retail

Your own store

As a restaurant owner you have full control over your own business . Always supported by our helpdesk.

Multiple menu's

Not one, but multiple menu's per day, With also the possibility to have different takeaway and delivery pricing.

Attract on flavor

Because we take your business to the next level members get suggestions based on their flavor

Manage your business

Manage your business from your phone or tablet

Grow your business

Our fees are fair, and the services are great, increase your sales and cut your cost.

Stay infromed

we provide you with data, tutorials, connections and newsletters about your industry and region.